Catnip and Rosa Rugosa

Made a good deal of medicine today. I stopped by my community garden plot to find that my neglect had caused it to become completely overgrown with “weeds”. So I harvested a good deal of those for salad (purselane, lambs quarters and some rogue blue kale that volunteered itself), along with comfrey for oil and catnip for tincture.

I have a grove of catnip growing behind the house, but the plant that I found in my garden square was so beautifully soft, I couldn’t resist taking it home. My kids are away for the week, and I don’t require catnip for sleep, so I tinctured a jar for later.

See how beautifully soft?

I think of catnip as a relaxing, stress-relieving plant friend. It’s wonderful for stomach upsets as well. It makes a lovely addition* to tea, fresh or dried (I prefer fresh herbs for tea now though) and a beautiful tincture. I’ve cut and dried some of my backyard patch for my mom’s and brother’s kitties (I don’t have one, believe it or not!).

I also made comfrey infused oil for salves and ouches. It was… oily though, so I didn’t bust out the camera for that. I’ll go back and harvest more comfrey tomorrow though — along with some beautifully soft mint and some calendula (more oil! Yay!).

Author: Melissa

Melissa Jozefina is a poet, stargazer, and fortune teller.