How to read a palm

Tell her that you’re going to read her fortune. Take her hand in yours.

Look at the heart line. Point it out to her, tracing the crevice with your finger.

Notice where it begins (on the thumb-side, sometimes between the head line and the index finger, or anywhere along the top of the fingers between the index and middle finger). Is it long or short? A long line indicates a greater emotional potential. A shorter line may indicate a person who is less generous with their feelings.

Is her hand warm or cold? If her hand is cold, place yours over it for a moment. Smile at her and say, “Your hand is cold.”

Is it deep or shallow? Again, we’re talking about potential and capacity. Does the line suggest a great depth of feeling, someone overwhelmingly passionate, or does the person prefer to keep things casual and maintain emotional distance?

Give her some space in case of the latter. Hold her hand up for a moment to examine it fully. Admire it. Take it all in.

Study for color. You’ll find an entire range of shades when you closely analyze a hand—anywhere from red to blue to brown and white. Look at the whole hand to see the spectrum. If her skin pinks at the brush of yours, lean in and whisper that observation in her ear.

Go back to the lines. Hold her hand firmly again. Closer. Look for marks and feathers. A love line that is full of feathers may indicate someone who is more compulsive or neurotic about their attachments. Dots and marks might denote heartbreaks or love loss. Don’t linger over the marks, but give her palm a gentle, perhaps knowing, squeeze.

Is it broken? Does it start up again? Does it split? Is the path for emotional fulfillment straight or irregular? Without judgment, assure her that no path is wrong, no path is right, but for the soul the heart has tethered.

Check for warmth again. Release her hand, or bring it to your lips for a kiss. Learn how to read eyes to guide you.

Your mileage may vary. For external use only. Do not take alcohol while reading a palm (but order her a glass of wine if that’s what she wants).

Author: Melissa

Melissa Jozefina is a poet, stargazer, and fortune teller.

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