Lenormand Cheat Sheet

Through my years reading Lenormand cards, I’ve found it best to organize my “Lenormand Vocabulary” into nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs for the quickest recall and reference. I’ve distilled my personal favorite words and phrases into this spreadsheet that you can download and use as a jumping off point for your own Lenormand dictionary! I’ve also included notes on timing for each card — please understand that this is based on my own experience and understanding, not based on any traditional school of Lenormand cartomancy.

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1. Riderdelivery, visitor, messenger, young man, loverrush, move, announce, renewsuddenly, soon, bold, excitingdays
2. Cloverluck, surprise, plant, moneyrisk, gamble, reward, hope, bargainoptimistic, flirt, surprise, lucky, greenquickly, current, spring, Sagittarius
3. Shipship, vacation, adventurechange, travel, journey, explore, transportwordly, adventurous, rockyweeks
4. Housefamily, house, building, relativesstrengthen, feel, settlefamilial, familiar, old, warmgenerations
5. Treebody, story, work, earth, jobroot, grow, toil, work, dig, tilldeeper, perenniallifetime, Virgo
6. Cloudscloud, dream, heaven, mindcover, cloud, obscure, hide, dreamfoggy, blurred, hiddensoon, current
7. Snakedeception, snake, rope, traitor, liar, opponentcoil, deceive, choke, hiss, lie, betsmoothly, cunninglyquickly, summer, Scorpio
8. Coffincoffin, illness, misfortune, grave, deathmourn, grieve, get overgrave, sick, unhappysudden
9. Bouquetgift, friendship, flowergift, smile, present, grow, display, receivecolorful, friendly, feelingweeks, spring
10. Scythe / Sickleharvest, edge, fightreap, harvest, swing, cut, cull, kill, inventorysharp, curt, cuttingsudden, fall
11. Whip / Broombroom, whip, hardship, apologywhip, sweep, clean, apologizepainful, bleedingawhile and drawn out
12. Birdsgossip, vision, wing, flight, song, featherfly, flap, chirp, tweet, chatter, gossip, talk, singfeather, melodically, highinstant
13. Childchild, youth, young lover, babybeginning, fumbling, stumbling,innocently, childlike, youthful, newyears
14. Foxjob, employment, skill,deceive, outsmartcunning, pointed, sharp, witty, cleverdays
15. Bearcareer, stability,stabilize, strengthen, fight, engage, charge, carry, shoulderstrong, brown, black, stable, heavy, large, steadymonths
16. Starslight, idea, dream, goal, starsshine, illuminate, inspire, navigate, designshiny, inspirational, far, infiniteongoing, perennial, Aquarius
17. Storkpregnancy, birth ,baby, news, announcementannounce, birth, create, inspire, carry, hover, balancenew, fresh, feathered, balanced, tall, longless than a year, Aries
18. Dogcompanion, friend, dog, pethold, conspire, encourage,warm, friendly, encouragingin good time
19. Towerbuilding, architecture, structurebuild, fortify, strengthenmodern, manmade, tall, strong, fortifiedyears in terms of career, for personal matters - months
20. Gardenparty, company, gathering, garden, groupsocialize, meet, gather, growgreen, fresh, pretty, pleasantmonths/warmer seasons/sunny weather
21. Mountainobstacle, problem, challenge, barrier, hurdlescale, climb, overcome, push through,tall, overwhelming, overshadowing, big, coldwinter, Capricorn
22. Pathpath, way, route, map, plan, idea, choice, two of somethingchoose, decide, plot, wanderpaved, dirt, divided, tornas long as it takes, based on querents actions, choices, Libra
23. Miceproblems, debt, disorder, chaos, doubtseating, gnawing, chewing, doubt, deny, liedestructive, messy, unpleasant, disgusting, gross, uncleanquickly
24. Heartslove, romance, relationshiplove, cherishlovingly, in love withvery soon, urgent
25. Ringring, commitment, proposal, marriage, engagement, fiance, contract, agreement, partnershipcommit, promise, sign on, propose,round, shiny, metal, forevercyclic, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, etc, Taurus
26. Bookhistory, secret, knowledge, book, education, learningjournal, record, understand, learn, readpaper, ephemeral, wittenweeks to months, Pisces
27. Letterletter, news, correspondence, message, advertisementwrite, plea, contact, disclose, share, inform, open, readwritten, verbal,weeks
28. Manthe most significant male player in a readingfocus outwardmanlynow
29. Womanthe most significant female player in a readingfocus inwardfemininenow
30. Lilysex, innuendo, power, controlcontrol, dominate, influence, master,orange, white, sweet, sensual, sexyperennial, months, spring
31. Sunlight, idea, illumination, clarity, fire, warmthilluminate, bring into the light, shine, warm, heat up, glowbright, yellow, orange, high, above, warm, hotsome days, Leo
32. Moonnight, dream, fantasyfantasize, dream, fear, intimidglow, white, full, new, crescent, scary, spookysome nights, Cancer
33. Keydoor, lock, key, threshold, pivotunlock, lock, hide, close, open, turnprecise, important, keyturning over very soon
34. Fisha wish, a desire, fish, water, money, wealth, riches, treasuredream, desire, wish, swim, divedeeper, wet, slippery, illusivemoving quickly, Gemini
35. Anchorroots, anchor, burden, obligation, occupationweigh down, hold on, drop, sink, hold backheavy, overwhelming, metal, ironyears, dragging along
36. Crossreligion, cross, spirituality, health, divinity, God, doctor or nurse, afterlifepray, practice, divine, channel, nurse, care for, transcendspiritual, heavenly, divine, crossed, symbolica dedicated pace, perhaps a lifelong journey