The Coffin

The Coffin from The Melissa LenormandDeath. Transformation. Endings. Renewal. Situations coming to a head. Shit hitting the fan. Secrets revealed. Painful revelations.

The coffin is a card of transformation and represents the end of a cycle or situation. When this card comes up in a reading, prepare yourself for a period of mourning. Many books on tarot and other divination decks try to gloss over the unfortunate cards in a pack – but death, dying, hardship, and renewal are all parts of life. We can chose to try and hold back the inevitable or we can attend to these events with an understanding that without the shadow times, we would not celebrate in the light.

From: The Little White Book of The Melissa Lenormand

Art and text © 2010-2019 Melissa Hill

Author: Melissa

Melissa Jozefina is a poet, stargazer, and fortune teller.