The simplest way of knowing

The most complex systems humankind can come up with, are in essence, made of Yeses and Nos. On and Off. The presence and absence of whatever. We are drawn to opposites. They make our minds light up with the desire to ease or inflame the resulting tensions. If the answer is Yes, we think in howevers. If the answer is No, we dream about perhaps. Whether we like it or not, in whatever reality we are basing our presence, something either Is or Isn’t (whether this is actually the case in an infinite universe, is a post for another day).

To divine is to know. It is to surmise an indication of future events. 

The simplest way of knowing is called Cleromancy. Throwing lots. There are many forms. This is perhaps the easiest. I will teach you now.

To begin, you will need a lot of things.

You can get ornate. An abalone shell full of stone beads, for example.

Some lots are more delicious than others…

I prefer my jar of lentils. I like the way my fingers feel when I dip them in a dish of dry grains.

The simplest way of knowing requires the simplest kinds of questions. Yes or No. This way or That way. Red pill or Blue pill. 

My daughter fractured her leg last week. She is going in for exrays on Monday and there is the slightest possibility she may get her cast off (there was disagreement over whether or leg was actually fractured, but the standard is to over-treat, especially for children). My question is, “Will Freyja get her cast off on Monday?”

Knowing your question, understand that 1 = Yes, 2 = No. That is, all odd numbers = 1 = Yes, all even numbers = 2 = No.

Don’t think about the next step too much, just do it. Experience it.

Scoop up some of your lot with your hand and place it in another dish or on the table.


And then count.

64. No, Freyja will not get her cast off on Monday. I’ll report back and let you know how it goes.

Now it’s your turn. Test the method as often as you can over the next week. In the comments here, on a blog post or facebook, cast your own lot. What was the result? Now report back when you can. Was your prediction correct?

Update: My prediction was true. She had to endure three more weeks in the cast.

Author: Melissa

Melissa Jozefina is a poet, stargazer, and fortune teller.