Three Card Thursday

You can pick things up, you can put them down. Or you can do nothing. That’s the theme of our three-card reading today.

There’s a project that I’m thinking about starting. I could start it, I could walk away from it. Or I could do nothing — maybe I’ll pick it up later, maybe not — this is the path I generally choose when I’m waffling on a decision.

This is going to be a three-card reading, so the positions are:

When I’m reading on various options, I like to read cards from the center out (this is a Lenormand thing), so I tend to put my neutral cards in the center.

Here’s the three cards for my question, picked at random by my handy Tarot widget.

Page of Wands (Inverted)
Six of Pentacles (Inverted)
The Magician

Note that my handy Tarot widget displays reverses, which I don’t usually read, but I’m going to when I’m using this app, since that’s the intention here.

Say Yes: The Page of Wands indicates a lot of exciting “new project” energy, but in reverse, it could be referring to my tendency to start and stop as soon as that energy wanes. I love starting things. I have historically had… let’s say issues finishing projects. If I want to start this and do it right, I need to be aware of my own fickleness and take steps to thwart myself when I decide to backburner it.

Say No: The Magician is a funny card here, and I think Tarot is playing a snarky game with me. Could it be this card is telling me to focus on the projects I’ve already got cooking (ah hem, this Tarot site, for example)? If the Magician is telling me no, it could be a warning that my motivations for the project are off, or it might be suggesting there’s a better way to accomplish the same goal.

Do nothing: The Six of Pentacles reversed is ugggggghhhhh my life. Seeing this brings it home just how out of balance things have become. I’m very fond of the 6 of Pents when it shows up — it’s a card that reminds me to be kind. Sometimes that means being kind to others, sometimes it means letting others be kind to me. I don’t like seeing this energy blocked up in reverse — it indicates that I’ve become closed off and it makes me feel icky.

The barometer of a good Tarot reading is always how helpful the reading ends up being. So was this helpful? I think so. The cards indicate that some action or decision is necessary, but I might be missing some key element, and if I do move forward, I have to do so with intention and awareness of my own faults and compulsions.

What is your question and what are your cards today?

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