Writer’s Block and the Throat Chakra

There has been a slew of coincidences in the last twenty-seven days (of 2014 – hello!) that have lead me to confront some throat chakra (Vishuddha) issues I’ve been dealing with. One in particular on New Year’s Eve when I was pulling cards for Facebook friends. In reciprocation, a rune was cast for me and the result, Ansuz (Odin’s rune), indicates the voice, communication, messages and perception. I found this telling (pun intended!) as I’ve been in a sort of “therapy” for writer’s block the last few months and am just recently feeling like there’s been an opening in my ability to articulate my feelings, position, and sense of self. I’ve been drawing Ansuz for myself over and over again for the last year and a half.

Writer’s block, if you are not a writer, is the creative equivalent of chronic constipation. And I am a writer. It’s painful, devastating, and soul killing. Want a real-world example of the unpleasant effects of writer’s block? Take a peek at the (lack of) archives on my blog over 2013. The inability to write, for a writer, is like the inability to speak. In fact, the two are often are intrinsically linked, as my voice is expressed most succinctly through the medium of the pen (or uh… computer keyboard).

The throat chakra, our fifth chakra, encompasses our throat, mouth, jaw, ears, and through the collarbone to the upper chest. It includes all the organs necessary for speaking and hearing, and our ability to understand language and communication. Interestingly enough, it is also linked to the thyroid (guess who has two thumbs and issues with that little gland?). Can’t find your voice (literally or figuratively)? Miscommunications a pain in your neck? Are there blocks in your creative expressions (music and writing specifically)? Congratulations, you may have some issues with your throat chakra.

The fifth chakra is represented with the 16-petaled lotus blossom. It’s blue (like the marble background I picked in the image above). If I were to choose a tarot card to correspond, I would perhaps pick the Magician or the Emperor (I thought long and hard about that one, do you have another in mind?). The Lenormand correspondences would be the Birds or Letter or Journal. Playing card—the Six of Clubs. If you’re working with crystals, pick a nice blue stone that resonates well in your hand when you raise it throat level; I would pick turquoise or lapis.

Therapy for such an issue can involve many different modalities. When I hit the “write or die” wall (that I think a lot of writers begin to feel at some point), I did the sensible thing. I got help. And my coach and I worked through a plan to make things better. We chose the morning pages route, and every day for the past several months, I’ve been spewing the entire contents of my brain onto paper (or uh… the computer screen).

The process is ugly. I write dribble like “Today I did…” and “Yesterday I went…” I write embarrassing sentimentality that only my 13-year-old self would approve of. And I write terrible secrets that should be burnt in an angry, unholy fire. But eventually, after a month or so, I began to notice that I was also writing ideas and snippets—and I started catching those with another net. The morning pages began to serve the purpose of the chaff basket, and other, better words began bubbling to the surface. I eventually added writing prompts to my exercises and finally I feel like I’m finding my way back home. Slowly, yes. But once again, I hear my own voice.

And over the past few weeks I’ve noticed other subtle differences in the ways I am able to speak my truth. Here I am, after all. Hi! It’s nice to talk to you again.

It was actually a revelation about the chakras that lead me back to the Sassy Sibyl—or a vision rather—of the energies of my life orbiting happily as they should be in order for all my parts to feel like they’re working (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually). In working through my writer’s block, I opened up my fifth chakra, which got this energy flowing and set into motion a lot of deeply healing work I’ve been immersed in the past few weeks.

To summarize, in the past I have clogged the pipes of my throat chakra by:

  • not owning my truths
  • allowing others to speak for me
  • allowing myself to be bullied/silenced
  • not asking for help

These are issues that can obviously goo up the cogs of the other chakras as well. In the context of the morning pages exercises, I’ve started the process of getting to know myself intimately, mundanely, and wholly again. This has given me the courage, and opened up the space for me to find my voice.

I will continue to work on my throat chakra issues by:

  • meditation & mantras (I even have my own writer’s mantras set aside for when I falter at the morning pages. If I am stuck, writing one over and over again is enough to get the words spilling out again.)
  • morning pages—devotedly
  • finding writing prompts and inspirational quotes that keep my wheels turning (pun intended!)

For morning pages, I recommend either 750words.com or ommwriter. The first is web-based, so make sure your other tabs are closed (don’t need you, Facebook). It’s great for unloading the junk floating around in your mind, as it times you and counts down each word you type till you hit the goal. The second is a program you download to your computer, and it’s wonderful for distraction-free writing—it’s what I use for those writing prompts.

Have you ever experienced throat chakra issues? How did they manifest? How did you resolve them?

Author: Melissa

Melissa Jozefina is a poet, stargazer, and fortune teller.

  • The throat chakra has had issues for me for quite a while now. Every time I think I’ve moved on when I stumble the throat chakra pops up again. Thanks for this post though. I can not tell you how timely it is. I even got a bit of a prickly feeling while reading it. Great to read a post from the Sassy Sibyl again!

  • So good to see you on-line again!

    Recently I was remembering a time when I was so angry my body trembled, my temperature rose and my heart felt caught in my throat. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I feel afraid to speak. Afraid of embarrassing explosions, afraid of a loss of control.

    However, I find when you suppress communication in those moments, you might remember with serious regrets, feeling as if you did something terribly wrong by refusing to express something necessary…

    What kind of mantras help you? Or do you have advice for creating one personally?

  • Yes, this rings true for me. When I started my blog several years ago on my website I just decided I would write for me and not worry about what someone else may think. I stopped comparisons. Morning meditations and writing is where I hear my higher self and guides. When I stay in my ritual and practice, there is where I find myself. When I get distracted, I am forgiving with myself but get right back into my practice. Although I don’t share everything I write, I still write. Some days I find I need to unplugged to make this happen. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I still connect with you when I go back and review my Lenormand courses you created! It makes me smile. Maggie

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